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Grocery Patrol

  • Cholesterol Levels
    Have you noticed how the price of butter has more than doubled in the last few months? Although grocery shelves are overflowing with everything from low fat candy and pastries to snack foods, it appears that most Americans have fudged a bit on just how much fat they've cut from their diets.
  • Food Safety
    The importance of ensuring the safety of the nation's food supply is becoming more apparent every day. When one thinks of salmonella risk, it is doubtful that cereal would come to mind. Think again. In late May, Malt-O-Meal recalled 2-3 million pounds of cereal after almost 200 people in several states became sick from-
  • Serving Sizes
    In 1916, a Coke was seven ounces. Today, a can is 12 ounces. (Had a "Big Gulp" lately?) In 1955, an order of McDonald's French fries was a little over two ounces. Today, an order of fries weighs up to six ounces. This upward trend has changed our perception of serving sizes which may be part of the reason so many of us are overweight.
  • Shelf Patrol
    Those packages of washed salad greens are awfully attractive to us busy people. You may have read or heard news that laboratory tests on some pre-washed greens found high levels of bacteria present. According to food safety experts, the results were-
  • Sugar
    A recent USDA survey revealed that Americans eat an average of 20 teaspoons a day of sugar which is added to foods. The Nutrition Facts panel show the total amount of sugar per serving, but that is a combination of naturally occuring as well as added sugars.

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