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Each month Springboard publishes news articles about your health. This is not just ordinary information, it's incredible knowledge which will empower you to take control of your health.

We also publish each month, the popular "What's Cookin'?" and "Grocery Patrol" articles for our views. So don't miss out on this great reading material because, here you'll find some of the best recipes, and much more helpful information on healthy living!

  • Key Liver Functions
    The liver is the body's largest organ, weighing three to five pounds in adults. Optimal nutrition is a function not just of what we eat and digest, but-
  • Adipose Tissue aka Body Fat
    Few substances are more reviled in our society than adipose tissue or body fat.
  • Avoiding Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis
    Although a fiber-rich diet has been proven beyond a doubt to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer, as well as the impact of other health conditions such as diabetes, the average American continues to consume only about-
  • Heartburn and Reflux Esophagitis
    The combined market for the prescription forms of Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac is more than two and a half billion dollars-
  • Hemochromatosis aka Iron Overload
    Hemochromatosis or iron overload is one of the most common inherited diseases in the U.S. and yet you ve probably never heard of it. About one in-
  • Obesity Redefined
    Late June, the weight-loss industry must have celebrated. Overnight, thousands of us joined the ranks of the overweight-
  • Osteoporosis & Paget s Disease
    The human skeleton is made up of 212 bones - 206 sizable and six little bones known as ossicles, three in each ear-
  • The Importance of Vitamin B
    A decade ago words like phytochemical or phosphatidylserine either didn t exist or were unfamiliar outside of the scientific community. One of the pitfalls of taking an active interest in nutrition is the tendency to
  • Vision, Aging and Age-Related Diseases
    By age 50, most of us experience some vision change. As your eyes undergo normal aging changes, you can expect-

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